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The InvestBank Savings Account has been designed with the singular purpose of helping you to grow your savings. Our innovative financial solutions, backed by expert advice, will provide you with a truly rewarding banking experience.

"The sustained success of our Bank is based on the key pillars of Growth, Trust, Technology, Knowledge driven Human Capital, Transparency and Responsible Banking."

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Current accounts

Investbank PLC opens and services current accounts for corporate clients to store money for an indefinite term, to receive and order payment transfers in the country and abroad.

Fund-raising accounts

Investbank PLC opens and services fund-raising accounts for legal entities in the process of incorporation to help them raise initial capital as well as to keep money entrusted by a customer to its subsidiary not incorporated as independent legal person.

Liquidation accounts

Investbank PLC opens and services liquidation accounts for legal entities put into liquidation. In an attempt to save time and offer convenience to its customers, Investbank PLC has launched the service INTERNET-BANKING which provides its users with the possibility to conduct real-time banking operations on their accounts, to expedite banking transactions, to receive quickly updated financial information, to order payment transfers in the country and abroad, to view their accounts and receive statements of previous balances and transactions.